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SIGNED COPY "The Scale Does Not Lie, people Do."

SIGNED COPY "The Scale Does Not Lie, people Do."

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If you are battling obesity, you are not alone. This book is the product of the experiences of an internationally known physician with over four decades of treatment of all forms of obesity. It represents working with individuals that are suffering from obesity and strive to overcome the challenges associated with this disease. The valuable information that you will receive in this book will provide you with the best tools which will guide you to make the appropriate changes that are necessary to improve your health, maintain a proper weight and live a better, healthy and most importantly an enjoyable life. It is time to learn about ourselves, our body, the environment, genetics and nutrition. The objective of the book is to inspire and influence you to develop a positive attitude in your life and maintain such a positive attitude no matter how hard things get in your life. I hope you have the desire to change your life for a better and healthier one and have the willingness and determination to work hard and never give up on reaching your goals in life. So, let's get started and stay focused on beginning your new life and learn the ingredients that bring a healthy lifestyle to your household. Dr. Nowzaradan is a well-known Bariatric surgeon in Houston, Texas. His ability to perform weight loss surgery safely on patients over 600 pounds has brought him world-wide attention. He has been featured on local, national and world-wide programs for his weight loss operations. Some of those programs include "Half Ton Mom", "Half Ton Dad", "Half Ton Teen", "World's Heaviest Man" featuring the story of Manuel Uribe, "Half Ton Killer" the story of Myra Rosales who captures world-wide attention with the greatest known weight loss in human history miraculously losing over 800 pounds. He has been featured in seven seasons of the popular television show "My 600 Pound Life" and 5 seasons of "Where are they now?" which have been aired in almost every country around the world.

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